• Carlos Eduardo Sampaio


    “We are here from more the 2 years and it’s just perfect! We started with the membership Flex and we’re considering moving for a Privet room. This alternatives plus the services like meeting room, internet, parking and reception are very convenient.

  • Luciana Levy Ribeiro

    Agência Peplum

    ” We love BRAIN! It’s a cool place to meet new people that are doing amazing projects. The networking opportunities are beyond expectations.”

  • Carlos Alberto Kazikawa e Sousa

    Real State

    BRAIN is so unique! Here I’m confident that my clients will be positively surprised with my office. No other coworking offers such a cool and beautiful space. The infrastructure is outstanding and is helping me to achieve my goals.  I couldn’t be happier to be here!

  • Pedro Ivo

    PIB club | Casa das Ideias

    “Working at BRAIN was one of the best choices I’ve made for both my business and my personal life. The working environment is cool and fun. You feel like your company is even bigger and your clients feel at home.”

  • Roberta Lima

    Best Buddies Brasil

    “BRAIN offered us the perfect environment with an efficient infrastructure where we can have our clients coming over for a meeting or just for a informal chat having a delicious coffee!”

  • Alex Braceiro

    Agência Frix

    “Let me tell a fact: for 3 months our company was just a small home office developing a presentation to have our first client and make our dream come true. After several hard working days and nights to do our best, we needed a great meeting room for this presentation.

    After looking for some other coworking  spaces, we finally found one that met our expectations .

    As a result, our client loved the presentation and our startup turned indo a real and competitive company with it’s first big project.

    So, here we are now, growing more and more everyday.”

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